Women Empowerment

Chimwemwe Sosten, aged 28, is married to Amani Nsangu 35 and have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. Chimwemwe comes from Katema Village, Kanthummako GVH Traditional Authority Santhe, Kasungu District. She does she does farming, both rain fed and winter, as a source of food and income. 

She joined the project through VSL club where she saves and get loans from the club. She is part of the project because she wanted to acquire knowledge and skills in VSL methodologies as a VSL agent and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) especially in groundnuts production, marketing and contract farming.


In her family, maize is the main crop that is primarily grown for both food and income. Unfortunately, she lacked support on alternative crops such as groundnuts, that can also be grown for food let alone higher income levels. This is in addition to the winter cropping where she grows Maize and leafy vegetables for food and cash. 

“each and every year during the growing season, it is hard to have enough food and farm inputs at the same time. I find it hard with my family to get farm inputs since the money we used to borrow from VSL club was used to buy food only, but now since we have received different trainings from CADECOM and linked with Pyxus on contract farming, the livelihood of my family will be better. I believe we will now have enough money from the savings at the VSL and sales of groundnuts. We will be able to buy both food and inputs. We will also save enough to expand our business”. Said Chimwemwe. 

On contract farming, Chimwemwe shared the following;

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