Gender Based Violence

Cases of Gender Based Violence wear different faces. The society has been awash with case of men exploiting women for a long time. However, there is a silent face that often  doesn't attract attention of the society, where men also fall victims of the vice. 

The society needs to stand up against the latter. 

CADECOM Lilongwe is working to contribute to ending both forms of GBV in the communities of TA Chakhadza in Dowa District through the Caritas Australian funded A+ project. 

The project that is in its final year has formed and built capacity of  Gender Action Forums(GAFs) in the area. Chairperson of one Nthanga GAF in TA Chakhadza reports about a case of one male who suffered GBV in their area and how the GAF intervened to end the violence and harmonized the family.

 He narrates:  The story was that a man borrowed his wife's phone then left it at a battery charging shop without informing the wife. When his wife enquired of her cellphone, she could not believe what her husband was telling her. Instead, they started to quarrel and the midst of it she picked up a stone and hit her husband on the head causing blood to gash out . The man fainted  and was rushed to a hospital where he got treated. Upon being informed of this act, the GAF together with their chief intervened and settled the issue by counselling this family. 

The family is now living in harmony and they have thorough knowledge of GBV and how to avoid its occurrence with the help of the Gender Based Forum.

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