Achieving food security is a prerequisite for sustained economic growth and poverty reduction as highlighted in Malawi’s Growth and Development Strategy (MDGs). In light of this, CADECOM, through the A+ project has put an effort in bringing this dream to reality in Dowa district. With the coming in of this Australian Aid project, farmers have been trained in good farming methods as well as climate smart agriculture using both the strength and asset-based approaches. Irrigation farming is notably one of the areas that has been productive in as far as realizing food security is concerned. Farmer have been able to grow a variety of crops and produce more yields.

Speaking as a lead farmer and one of the participants of this project, Mr. Jikson Kamkwamba of Mwambe village in T/A Dzoole says project A+ has made it able for him and his family to produce enough food for the whole year. He says he is able to grow maize, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas and fruit trees in his dimba at least twice a year and his family will never starve again.

Before the coming in of this project, me and my family used to sleep on empty stomachs because we could not produce enough food from our dimba. As the head of the house, there were times when I felt useless because I could not manage to provide enough food for my family. But now, five years have passed and I can testify that my family has never slept hungry in any of those years. Thanks to CADECOM, the same dimba that barely gave us enough food now provides us with a surplus that we are able to sale. Just last year, I was able to make about K100,000 from selling tomatoes. I also bought chickens for rearing and my children can afford to go to school.” Said Kamkwamba.

Mr. Kamkwamba has praised CADECOM for introducing this project in Dowa. He added to say that he can now cultivate without relying on artificial fertilizer and pesticides but still produce more yields. He also helps other farmers to properly follow extension advices wherever they need his help. He strongly believes that Mwambe village will continue to transform for the better and wishes CADECOM continues to bring in more of these projects.

CADECOM Lilongwe is implementing the A+ project with funding from Australian Aid through Caritas Australia and Episcopal Conference of Malawi.

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